Monday, June 22, 2009

Infections Vs. Antibiotics

How many of you have had a bodily infection at one time or another, like a bladder infection, a UTI/Urinary Tract Infection or some type of bacterial infection going on in your body? Well, most of us have. When we realize our body is not behaving well and we notice a change, we go to the doctor. Can anyone tell me what they are likely to prescribe? That's right you guessed it. ANTIBIOTICS!!! O.K. we get the prescription and fill it. We go home and take it by the physicians directions and we also take all the medicine to it's full course, at least for 7 days right. Right. Now we feel better. For the moment. Then within a couple of months we start to feel bad again. Oh oh, another recurrence of another infection. Here we go again, we go to the doctor, tell them whats wrong, they test us and we have an infection. They prescribe again some anti-biotics. We get the medicine filled, take it for the full course. Until another recurrence of infection shows up again. Guess what people, there is another underlying problem that's causing the infection to recur. Doctors are not taught in school to look for the root of the problem to really try to find out why you are continuosly getting infection time after time after time. They only know to give you some antibiotics. Why do you think, you keep getting the infection over again.

Something else is going on in your body that's causing the infection. Antibiotics only suppress the symptoms, that's why they keep coming back. It's not completly gone-Antibiotics on cause them to lie dormant for some time, but the cause of the infection is still there.

Now let's look at the word Antibiotic and what it's all about. Now the prefix anti-means against. While the antibiotic works against the bad bacteria, it also works against your good ones in your body as well. The medicine antibiotic can't dicipher which bacteria to kill-so to speak. all it does is just kill. Therefore, your good ones are being murdered (not to put a to finer point on that word-but basically it is what it is and it does what it does, doesn't it?) in the process. When this happens and your good bacteria are being eliminated with the bad ones, this becomes a problem. You are most likely are going to start feeling sicker and there is going to be a yeast overgrowth. To find out more and what yeast over growth is go here Then if you go to the doctor for that, they are most likely are going to give you another antibiotic to counter-attack that. Oh my goodness, now your body is raging with anti-biotic-and that puts your body in a stressful truama. What can you do? The symptoms aren't going away and you've taken every antibiotic that can be prescribed in the pharmacy and your still not feeling well.

There is hope!!!

*First let me point this out and be put on record, as I state this; I thank God for doctors and physicians. We need them from time to time, especially if illnesses are beyond naturopathic capabilities and there is an emergency or accidents God forbid and you do need surgery, doctors are also good choices to see. Also remember God is a God that heals along with doctors and there are testimonies to, though that in some cases miraculos things happen without the aid of doctors. But everybody's case and situations are not the same and we must decide and pray for the best choice and make a good sound judgement on the matter. This goes for every thing in our life. Once the doctor(s) have helped, aid or have had to perform surgery, this in a way have jump started you to recover, heal and start a healthy lifestyle. Then you can look at the new opportunity and possibility to change your way of living more healthy the natural way and contiue to do. Building your immune system prevents a lot of diesease and illnesses to occur in your body. A strong immune system wards off any uninhabitable and unwanted destructive bacteria and disease in our bodies.

O.K. back to where we left off at. What can we do when we've tried so many dangerous antibiotics and not getting any better, but getting worse? I have an answer for you, because I've been a case as such. I have had a really bad UTI, and I was not getting any bette. I was on 4 different strong antibiotics and they didn't help. My mother who was first living and doing things naturally helped through this painful infection, which I believe if I had not follow her advice, might would have taken my life. Yes people, infection so bad can claim a life, if left unchecked and untreated.

My mother told me to take probiotics. Probiotic is a natural supplement that puts and strengthens your good bacteria in your body. to know more about probiotic, just google it in your search engine of your toolbar.

I suggest that if your taking any antibiotic for infection, drink plenty of water. At leas 6 to 8 (80z.). Take a probiotic at least 30 minutes or an hour between the time and during while your on the antibiotic. This will help your good bacteria to be strengthen and it will replace the good ones that are being eliminated by the anti-biotic. Yogurt is also a good source for probiotic to. Eat a yogurt every day, whether your on antibiotics or not. Doing this helps to build your immune system and in keeping to help fight off infections.

Remember, antibiotic weakens the body's immune system status. So if your not practicing health ways to, it's not to late. Start today. Start eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Really increase your vegetables and raw veggies are the best or you can stir fry to half cooked half raw.
Exercise at least 30 minutes everyday and be happy. Don't allow the stress of the world reside in you. Do a fun activity with your children, spouse or work on your hobby. Take time out everyday to do things you like and this is a sure cure for being stressless or better yet no stress at all.

Be good to your body and your body will be good to you.

Live healthy and strong.

Live Nautrally.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Naturopathic Medicine-The Law

Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative method of being treated with nutrional supplements, herbs, and other natural ways of treating an illness or disease. Naturopathic medicine is a branch of medicine in which a variety of natural medicines and treatments are used to heal illness. Instead of using prescription drugs with numerous harmful side effects, naturopathy offers natural alternatives with no side effects except the side effect of getting better. Living a healthy life.
There are only a few states that are allowed to practice Naturopathy. South Carolina is one state that doesn't. A law was passed in 1976 in S.C. (Title 40-31-10 and Title 40-31-20) that Naturopathy can not be practiced and the fine is if caught practicing is $500 and/or 1 year in prison. Come on people, I thought we were a democracy, not a dictatorship. Why is the state pushing it down our throats to only go to medical doctors and not give us "the people" a choice who we prefer to go to. If prescription drugs are making people sick or they aren't getting any better, because of these side effects, why not look into something else that would help people get well and live a normal healthy life. Isn't that what we are about here in the U.S. We are here to help one another. What is so harmful about Natuopathy medicine that deals with natural methods of helping people get well? We can't argue with that.

I am planning on taking the task with hopefully and prayerfully along with many of your support(especially those that reside in the state of S.C), reversing the law that they have in the books, to allow Naturopathic medicine with liscensed Naturopathic doctors to practice in S.C.

I also hope this blog will help those who have been on prescription drugs far too long and contiuosly gettting sick to look for other alternatives that will help you get better and eventually soon live a health life, healed from the disease or illness that plagues the body. If you have any health questions concerning what else can be done if the prescription drugs aren't helping and you seek other health advice (I'm studying to be a Certified health Specialist and I'm also going forward to get my Doctaorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine), please leave a comment and I will get back to you with the best studied answer I can give you. Even if you need someone to pray with you concerning God to heal you, I humbly and joyfully will pray for you. Just leave your prayer request in the comments.

I look to hear your inputs and experiences from you and I will be sharing mine as well, so that we can learn from one another-helping each other to take better care of ourselves. I will also keep you informed about my progress with petitioning for support of changing this law in S.C. I will also be writing to the House of Representative and also S.C. state Senator.

Remember to take your vitamins, eat plenty of vegetebles and fruits. Exercise for at least 30 minutes. Do these things everyday to promote good health and for preventative measures in your health and don't forget keep your immune system strong to fight off illnesses.

Until next time,

For Your Health~