Saturday, June 20, 2009

Naturopathic Medicine-The Law

Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative method of being treated with nutrional supplements, herbs, and other natural ways of treating an illness or disease. Naturopathic medicine is a branch of medicine in which a variety of natural medicines and treatments are used to heal illness. Instead of using prescription drugs with numerous harmful side effects, naturopathy offers natural alternatives with no side effects except the side effect of getting better. Living a healthy life.
There are only a few states that are allowed to practice Naturopathy. South Carolina is one state that doesn't. A law was passed in 1976 in S.C. (Title 40-31-10 and Title 40-31-20) that Naturopathy can not be practiced and the fine is if caught practicing is $500 and/or 1 year in prison. Come on people, I thought we were a democracy, not a dictatorship. Why is the state pushing it down our throats to only go to medical doctors and not give us "the people" a choice who we prefer to go to. If prescription drugs are making people sick or they aren't getting any better, because of these side effects, why not look into something else that would help people get well and live a normal healthy life. Isn't that what we are about here in the U.S. We are here to help one another. What is so harmful about Natuopathy medicine that deals with natural methods of helping people get well? We can't argue with that.

I am planning on taking the task with hopefully and prayerfully along with many of your support(especially those that reside in the state of S.C), reversing the law that they have in the books, to allow Naturopathic medicine with liscensed Naturopathic doctors to practice in S.C.

I also hope this blog will help those who have been on prescription drugs far too long and contiuosly gettting sick to look for other alternatives that will help you get better and eventually soon live a health life, healed from the disease or illness that plagues the body. If you have any health questions concerning what else can be done if the prescription drugs aren't helping and you seek other health advice (I'm studying to be a Certified health Specialist and I'm also going forward to get my Doctaorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine), please leave a comment and I will get back to you with the best studied answer I can give you. Even if you need someone to pray with you concerning God to heal you, I humbly and joyfully will pray for you. Just leave your prayer request in the comments.

I look to hear your inputs and experiences from you and I will be sharing mine as well, so that we can learn from one another-helping each other to take better care of ourselves. I will also keep you informed about my progress with petitioning for support of changing this law in S.C. I will also be writing to the House of Representative and also S.C. state Senator.

Remember to take your vitamins, eat plenty of vegetebles and fruits. Exercise for at least 30 minutes. Do these things everyday to promote good health and for preventative measures in your health and don't forget keep your immune system strong to fight off illnesses.

Until next time,

For Your Health~

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